Additional accessories

Our wide selection of additional accessories means that your Aurora mobile home will be highly personalised.
This allows you to design the mobile home of your dreams.

A wood stove

Our tightly sealed stoves come with a decorative and very effective casing, which means that the stove is not only a source of heat, but also an attractive piece of “furniture”. This type of stove allows you to enjoy a blissful ambience on cold evenings.  

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The mounted television will make life in your mobile home even more pleasant for you. Access to the latest news and the opportunity to watch an interesting film or serial is something we all enjoy.

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Piles of dirty dishes on the kitchen worktops, badly washed plates, the constant lack of time to do the washing up, this probably sounds familiar to all of us. If you decide to have a dishwasher installed in your mobile home, this will mean that you save a lot of time and water, the level ...

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Electric oven

An electric oven is easy to use and the temperature inside is very evenly distributed, which means that it is easier for you to control the baking process and you also don’t risk the food getting burnt. Other advantages of our electric ovens are that they are easy to clean and have many useful functions ...

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Microwave oven

While travelling with your mobile home you may not have a lot of time to prepare food, so it’s worth deciding on a microwave oven in which you can heat up food quickly. It’s also easy use and doesn’t use much energy.

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Washing machine/Washer-dryer

Of course you need a washing machine, but if you’re fed up with hanging washing up to dry on a classic drying rack that limits your living space then your appliances should definitely include a washer-dryer. You’ll save time and space because you don’t have to transfer your washing from the washing machine to the ...

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Air conditioning

In summer the high temperature is troublesome not only during the day, but also at night. In such conditions few people can sleep soundly. Not only the temperature affects how we feel – the moisture content in the air also plays a role. And the remedy for these inconveniences is an air-conditioning unit which not ...

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Compost toilet

In the Separett VILLA 9000 compost toilet liquid and solid waste are separated from each other. Urine is taken via a pipe to the home sewage system, drainage container or other container, where it is stored and subsequently used as fertiliser. Keeping urine separate means that it cannot give off any unpleasant odours. Solid waste ...

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Siberian larch elevation

Siberian larch elevation boards are characterised by their bright orange colour and small knots. Since its growth rings are close together, Siberian larch is even longer lasting than woods that are traditionally used for elevations. Using coloured wood glazes, one can stain Siberian larch elevation boards any colour. Our wooden elevations come from one of ...

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Solar panels

We also offer our all-season mobile homes with solar power systems. These modern systems mounted on Aurora Company homes afford users many advantages. Solar energy allows you to enjoy all the comforts of the mobile home, even in places without access to electricity.

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Okoume elevation

Okoume wood comes from West Africa. Its properties mean that it is particularly suited to elevations. After being painted with a suitable repellent, the surface becomes vibrant and iridescent. The colour of okoume fluctuates between shades of light and dark pink, which is characteristic of exotic varieties of mahogany. Furthermore, it gives your mobile home ...

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Theft prevention

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We also offer wooden terraces to go with our mobile homes. Their modular design means that you can adapt your terrace to your chosen home and your requirements.

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Scandinavian Thermory pine elevation

Scandinavian Thermory pine is characterised by a visible grain and elongated knots, which give each mobile home a natural character. The thermal modification of Thermory means that the planks are above averagely resilient and resistant. The colour of the boards also changes all the way through – in the case of Scandinavian pine the wood ...

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Water container

An approved fixed container made from high quality material. It allows you to enjoy access to water regardless of where you are and whether you have a connection to running water.

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A mattress is especially important, as a good mattress can be neither too hard, too stiff (i.e. it doesn’t react at all to our position on it, it doesn’t yield to the pressure of our body), nor too soft (i.e. regular contact with our body leads to irreversible deformations in the surface). We’ll find the ...

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Blinds and pleats do not only protect us from the sun, they are also an attractive window decoration. Our wide range of colours means that our blinds are ideal, whether the interior of your mobile home is contemporary or classic.

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