Mobile home heating

Thanks to the best insulation, adapted to our customers’ requirements, all Tiny House homes produced by us can be used throughout the year.

TermPIR® AL insulation boards are a great insulation material whose core is rigid polyisocyanurate (PIR), which has very good thermal insulation and fire-resistant properties (in the case of roofs they offer fire resistance at a level of REI 30 – the moment a fire breaks out the insulation chars and this forms an additional protective layer).

It’s light, does not weigh the home down and at the same time adds rigidity to the entire construction (it has a high degree of compressive strength – over 12 tonnes m2).

It possesses very good insulation properties relative to its thickness and mass.

Its water absorption rate of less than 2% means that it’s resistant to atmospheric conditions. Furthermore, a feature is its low thermal conductivity coefficient, which means that only a thin layer of insulation is necessary, thanks to which you gain greater usable floor space.

Their stability and resilience means that these boards retain their properties throughout the lifespan of the building. If the mobile home is dismantled, they can be reused. They are a valuable material that can be used for making new products.

Wood wool is a stable insulation material. It is characterised by a high level of resilience to pressure and in-plane stability. It mutes noise coming from outside as well as impact sounds. Additionally, it protects the roof from the wind and rain.

The properties of wood wool are also such that it wicks moisture and doesn’t settle. It’s particularly diffusion open, which allows you to maintain a healthy microclimate in the room. It’s an ecological and environmentally friendly product, and additionally it can be recycled. It is not a threat to the skin because it isn’t an irritant.

Sheep’s wool is an excellent insulator. Thanks to its natural properties it has the highest insulation values.


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