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The Sunshine model is a functional, universal tinyhouse, designed for a year-round apartment for 1-4 people. Its classic and timeless design causes that it enjoys the constant interest of buyers.




The Verona model is a house with a unique, romantic atmosphere. It is characterized by a functional interior, while creating a charming porch space. Perfect for two people.




The Porto model is the most spacious tinyhouse with two mezzanines and a comfortable interior that can accommodate up to 6 people. In addition to the residential function, it can act as a mobile office, commercial point or a small service room.




The Luna Office model is a house that acts as a transportable office, commercial point or a small service room. A simple shape and large glazing give it a modern look.




The Luna house is compact, one-level, equipped with all the necessary equipment and accessories. It will charm you not only with its well-thought-out space, but also with ease of maintenance and the amount of natural light inside, which is provided by a large viewing window.


The Aurora company is a company that was created out of a passion for travel, love for nature and the need to create not only beautiful but also functional interiors.


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