Scandinavian Thermory pine elevation

Scandinavian Thermory pine is characterised by a visible grain and elongated knots, which give each mobile home a natural character. The thermal modification of Thermory means that the planks are above averagely resilient and resistant. The colour of the boards also changes all the way through – in the case of Scandinavian pine the wood takes on a warm honey colour. Thermory elevation boards are resistant to atmospheric conditions and do not need to be impregnated. Any painting allows the wood to keep its attractive colour (unpainted boards acquire a grey hue). These boards are stable (they don’t twist or warp), they are resistant to mould and fungus etc., they belong to durability class 2, i.e. they will last 20-25 years without being protected, they are perfect thermal insulators and the resin has been completely removed, thanks to which there is no chance of resin leaking out. They are also environmentally friendly; no chemicals that are not suitable for allergy sufferers are used in their production (they do not give off any allergy-inducing substances).


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