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Our Mission

From the very beginning, we have dreamt about a perfect combination of independence and ecology, even in everyday life. This is why we decided to grow a company that would help people to change their lifestyle into an eco-friendly and free-spirited one. We have brought our dream to life – this is how our first Tiny Houses were invented.

Our Values

Safety first

Your safety is of utmost importance to us. We have worked really hard to make each and every house we had created safe for any purposes of everyday life. This applies to both the production process and the transportation.


Every single detail counts. We believe in the constant improvement of our services and quality we strive to provide. On a regular basis we work to improve the project management phases, production and customer service. We operate with the Japanese Kaizen methodology in mind.


We do everything it takes to promote an eco-friendly lifestyle. We believe in a harmonious symbiosis of a man and the natural environment.

Our philosophy of 3 E’s:

Economical – Ergonomic– Ecological

Even if this might be a bit difficult to comprehend, these three words are a perfect combination to us. They are all what we pursue – a convenient, reasonable and eco-friendly life.


Each of our economical Tiny Houses is much cheaper –both in purchasing and maintenance–than a standard house. We build our Tiny Houses with eco-friendly materials and we always do our best to optimize power, water usage and costs.
A Tiny House is something everyone can afford!


Our ergonomic interiors are extremely comfortable despite their relatively small size. Our houses are carefully designed so that there is no space to waste. A bathroom, a kitchen, a living room and a bedroom – each one is full of handy shelves, cabinets and lockers. Despite their small size, our Tiny Houses are really spacious.


Ecological Tiny Houses are not just minimalist and economical, even if they really guarantee a low power and water usage. They are also in line with a philosophy of protecting Earth and the natural environment for future generations.


Aurora is a company that was created out of passion for travel, love for nature and the need to create not only beautiful, but also functional interiors.


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