Aurora Company builds all-season mobile homes on a specially adapted trailer with wheels, which allows you to place it anywhere on your plot without any formalities or special permission. They are functional and economical. Their innovative character allows you to live comfortably in small spaces. They can also be used as summer houses, offices or a place to spend the night.

Daman Napora – the company director – has put together a close-knit, specialised team of people who have a passion for travelling, a love of nature and wood, and, above all, a desire to create beautiful, functional interiors.

My life-long passion for wood began when I was a child. First of all I made little fences for the flowerbeds in my mother’s garden and small wooden carts, which I cruised around on with my brother. That’s when I also built my first wooden house. I’ve enjoyed playing with wood as long as I can remember. My dream was to be a carpenter. But when the time came to choose a secondary school, my plans were thwarted. Instead of following my dreams, I did what my parents wanted and I followed in my father’s footsteps and joined the family business.

Despite lots of turbulence in my life, I’m glad things turned out the way they did because working for the family business taught me hard work and perseverance.

After many years and with a wealth of experience I rediscovered my passion. The beginnings of my company required a lot of dedication from me. Investing all my personal savings and many months of trials, experiments and searching for the best quality materials came to fruition in the first Tiny House models, which were characterised by uncompromising quality and exceptional aesthetic values.

For me, wood is the most grateful material. In addition, as a natural product, it is an important element of our work. Therefore, as a company we pay particular attention to caring about the environment and using natural and environmentally friendly products.


The mission of Aurora Company is to be a trustworthy, reliable and professional firm that provides its customers with products of the highest calibre, the main indicators of the brand being quality and design. Continuously perfecting our homes modernising our homes plays a key role in our work, and we are able to deliver them anywhere in Europe, plus many other places.


Our aim is to fulfil the customers’ dreams to possess their own mobile home in which they’ll feel comfortable and enjoy life surrounded by nature, wherever on earth they wish.

We create small, comfortable and attractive spaces, where functionality, independence, a feeling of security, high aesthetic values and a wide variety of additional accessories will give our customers satisfaction.


The chief principle that guides us in our work is:

Make yourself at home wherever you are in the world.


Our priority is our customers’ satisfaction and the stable growth of our company.


Damian Napora

Company Owner

Natalia Napora

Director of sales

Anna Masłowiec

Sales specialist


Aurora Company is a firm that developed out of our passion for travelling, our love for nature and the need to create not only beautiful, but also functional interiors.

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