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Damian Napora


The owner of the company, entrepreneur and idealist – the company is not only a way of life for him, but above all a community of people who share similar values. Creating and coordinating production processes is his passion in life, perfected through years of experience. Aurora Company is a place where special people create unique houses for extraordinary tenants. He works with a sense of mission, which consists in ensuring that these structures can benefit the world and people. He greatly values nature, freedom and independence, and the production of wooden houses is a faithful reflection of his philosophy of life, which he shares with others.

Natalia Napora

Company owner – Head of the creative department

Esthetician and creator. Above all material goods in life, she values relationships with people, beauty and independence. She ensures that everyone who joins our team, or becomes the owner of one of our houses, experiences a sense of belonging to this unique community. She organizes integration meetings, prepares company accessories for employees and gifts for special occasions. In the rush and chaos of everyday affairs, she is the person who reminds you that work and life are primarily to bring joy. It is also thanks to her that you can look into our world of AURORA COMPANY by following our Social Media and be up to date with our daily activities.

Anna Masłowiec

Sales and business development manager

Ania is the first contact you make when you decide to buy your dream house from our company. She is the person that you present your vision and dreams for your Tiny House, and then you work together to tailor the project to your expectations. Ania understands how important this task is and she cares about your needs. Therefore, you can be sure that thanks to her accuracy and reliability, She will perfectly understand your vision and not only faithfully present it, but will also watch over every stage of building your house and mobilize the entire team to act effectively.

Monika Mrażek

HR Manager

If you want to join our Aurora Company team, your first contact will be with Monika. This girl, apart from great communication skills and levity in establishing relationships, puts people first and the desire to understand them, in her work and life. She is ambitious, creative and motivated, and performs her duties with full awareness that the individual growth and development of each person in our team (their personal successes and job satisfaction) are the foundation on which the success of Aurora Company is built. She will try, with full commitment, to introduce you to the role that you will assume in our company.

Natalia Šepel’a

Manager of Optimization, Procurement and Warehouse

Natalka is an exceptionally cheerful and patient person in our team. She continually negotiates with suppliers for the best quality products and with a critical eye selects every element from the smallest screw, the largest structural beam, to the furnishings of your Tiny House. She supervises the coordination of all deliveries so that the production runs smoothly and are completed in the designated time. It is a difficult task, especially when various external difficulties stand in the way of smooth completion of the project, and these cannot always be predicted and controlled. Fortunately, Natalka is a well-organized champion of logistics and always finds a way out of difficult situations.

Andrzej Wojtyczko

Production manager (construction supervision) stage one

Andrzej has been with us from the beginning, he not only has extensive knowledge, experience and skills needed when building houses, but also radiates extraordinary energy and composure. Thanks to this, he brings a sense of harmony to our production, and this in turn makes everyone feel confident and safe. He is an excellent partner in cooperation, responsible and always ready to act. You can be confident that he is fully committed to ensuring that everyone knows what their tasks are and that all duties are properly performed and the construction of your house is reliable and solid. This man not only knows what he is doing, but he works with great passion.

Zbigniew Smaciarz

Assistant Production manager (construction supervision) stage one

Diligence is definitely a feature that for Zbyszek, is assessed in every action he takes. His work is very efficient and effective, and all tasks are done almost immediately. His assessment includes coordinating the beginning of the construction of the house. Accompanying us almost from the beginning of production, he has repeatedly proven that you can always rely on him. He is able to work in a team, supporting where necessary, and at the same time actively developing his competence, he brings a lot of good energy.

Mariusz Kołodziej

Driver / delivery Aurora Company

Of all the people in our team, it is Mariusz who most often has the opportunity and the great privilege to meet you in person. After many weeks of our work and your waiting, he will come to you with a house. Spending hundreds of hours on the route and covering thousands of kilometers, he makes sure that he reaches the address you indicate without a scratch and on time. Wanting to get away from the daily routine, he found himself ideal as a driver to Aurora Company. However, his work is not only the opportunity to visit many unusual places and meet many interesting people, it is above all a very responsible job that he performs with great commitment.

Łukasz Dyduła

quality and complaints specialist

Łukasz – our agent for special tasks. This man is not afraid of problems and difficult challenges. Every day he is ready to listen to you and help you solve any difficulties you may have. Out of concern for your comfort, we are most involved in quality control of our houses. He inquisitively checks the aesthetics of all work and the operation of each equipment that is to be delivered to you. He is quite direct and leaves no doubt if something needs extra work. This man can think outside the box, he is brave in action, he has a strong character, positive attitude and he really likes his job.

Katarzyna Nogawka

Accounting Specialist

Kasia is an incredibly disciplined person. Undoubtedly true in her case. She meticulously organizes everything, counts and keeps track of deadlines. When the whole team focuses on current duties and final effects on a daily basis, she closely observes the flow of documents and makes sure that none are missing. She issues and pays invoices, supervises the entire transaction process and ensures that all complicated regulations are clearly explained and organized. Thanks to her work, our entire team has great support from her, and it must be said that she is definitely a master in her profession.

Danuta Mikolajcik

Human resources and payroll department

Danusia approaches her tasks with a great sense of responsibility. She regularly tries to deepen her knowledge, participate in trainings and stay up to date with all labor law provisions, all so that she can always answer our most difficult questions. She is extremely friendly, very well organized and always ready to help. Her tasks include all issues related to keeping records of each person belonging to our team of employees and ensuring that all company processes run smoothly. As a team, we have great support from her.

Jarosław Gil

Warehouse manager

Jarek is another person in our team, whose work largely contributes to maintaining the quality of the house that will come into your hands in the future. This man has a lot of patience, is extremely conscientious and committed to his work. He accepts the delivery of all raw materials and checks whether each of them has been delivered without any damage, and then ensures that they are safely stored until they are assembled. He monitors our inventory on a daily basis and improves its functioning system. In our everyday life, his work strongly translates into our effectiveness, because he introduces order and efficiency, which speeds up our activities.

Paulina Traczyk


Jakub Porębski

Sales Specialist

Adam Wielkiewicz



Aurora is a company that was created out of passion for travel, love for nature and the need to create not only beautiful, but also functional interiors.


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