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Why was Aurora Company created?

We definitley live in the age of technology, constant rush and… mortgages. Yes, paying installments are a symbol of our times. We contract mortgage loans to buy or build expensive houses, but then we are obliged to pay it off – often for years. As the consequence, so many people, who are literally chained to one location, waste time and energy cleaning and maintaining their spacious households. There is also a harmful side side effect – our natural environment becomes more and more exploited by such way of life.

How we work?

Quality is something weexcel in. We do our best to constantly improve our products and come up with innovative and practical solutions. Our mission is to make the world a better place, so we always start a new task with good energy.

Our offer

Our offer includes several models of mobile houses- each of them comes with different features and equipment.


  • The Verona is a truly unique and romantic house with a very functional interior and some extra space for a lovley porch. Just perfect for a couple.

  • The Sunshine is a complex and functional Tiny House that can be used all year long. Its classic and timeless design makes the house one of the most popular choices among our clients. Suitable for 1 – 4 people.

  • The Porto is the most spacious Tiny House with two mezzanines and a very comfortable interior. It can be both a place to live in and a mobile office, a small kiosk or a service room. Suitable for up to 6 people.




The Sunshine model is a functional, universal tinyhouse, designed for year-round housing for 1-4 people. Its classic and timeless design means that it enjoys constant interest from buyers.




The Luna Office model is a house that acts as a transportable office, commercial point or a small service room. A simple shape and large glazing give it a modern look.




The Verona model is a home with a unique, romantic atmosphere. It is characterized by a functional interior while creating space for a charming porch. Perfect for two people.




The Luna house is compact, one-level, equipped with all the necessary equipment and accessories. It will charm you not only with its well-thought-out space, but also with ease of maintenance and the amount of natural light inside, which is provided by a large viewing window.




The Porto model is the most spacious tinyhouse with two mezzanines and a comfortable interior that can provide an apartment for up to 6 people. Perfect for families with children.




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The Aurora company is a company that was created out of a passion for travel, love for nature and the need to create not only beautiful but also functional interiors.


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